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Project TitleHyperledger Fabric - Hyperledger Aries Integration to support Fabric as Blockchain ledger for Aries.





Hyperledger Aries currently support only Hyperledger Indy blockchain. Verifiable credential(VC) and decentralised identifier(DID) standard & specification emerged in last few years. Trust over IP , Sovrin network, covid credential initiative  are using Indy & Aries technology framework. 

Hyperledger Fabric general enterprise blockchain framework and most used Hyperledger project, latest Forbes Blockchain 50 report shows that 60% companies using Hyperledger Fabric for their enterprise grade blockchain. All the major cloud provides fabric as BaaS( Blockchain as a Service). Currently every identity/credential application using Indy/Aries stack to build W3C complaint VC & DID applications. There will be huge adoption and applicability of Hyperledger Fabric & Aries integration project.

As per Hyperledger project governance there should be Hyperledger project interoperability to huge adoption of Hyperledger technologies.

Additional Information

Learning Objectives

Hyperledger Fabric Architecture & SDK/API

Hyperledger Aries Javascript framework

VC/DID standard and Application

Expected Outcome

Hyperledger Aries & fabric Wrapper or Aries will have support to use Hyperledger Fabric as Blockchain for storing credentials.

Relation to Hyperledger 

Hyperledger Fabric & Aries Integration  will help to achieve Hyperledger project interoperability  and adoption of Hyperledger Aries Libraries in other Hyperledger projects like fabric.

Education Level

Phd or Hyperledger working experience.


Hyperledger Fabric architecture and Hyperledger Aries 

W3C - Verifiable credential and Decentralised Identifier standard/specification

Hyperledger Aries -Agent framework Understanding 

Go/Javascript programming

Future plans

Build production grade Hyperledger Aries to support Hyepledger Fabric as Blockchain. This project could be merged with Hyperledger Aries SDK to support Fabric as ledger.

Preferred Hours and Length of Internship

40 hrs week or 20 hrs week Part time.

Mentor(s) Names and Contact Info

Kamlesh Nagware, Snapper Future Tech,