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Nominee Name

Baohua Yang

Nominated By


Short personal bio

Baohua Yang is the principal architect of Oracle Blockchain with enterprise software R&D and open-source experience for 10+ years. He started the interest on blockchain in 2015, and has been contributing to Hyperledger projects and community since its founding.

Short personal pitch

I’d like to nominate myself – Baohua Yang from Oracle – to continue serving on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.

As one of the earliest designers and contributors of the Hyperleger projects (including Fabric/Cello/Fabric-SDK), I am very glad to have been promoting open-source technologies and culture around the world. Blockchain is the first emerging technique that can help people achieve trustness without any presupposition, where Hyperledger plays a quite important role as the open source platform for enterprise usage.

Now as the principal architect of Oracle's blockchain product, my target is to bridge blockchain with real customer requirements and finally benefit both the industry and the open-source community. My team has improved and promoted Hyperledger in terms of code contribution, working group, user cases and other activities continuously in past years.

My goal as a TSC member includes:

  • Help Hyperledger projects become more mature for production;
  • Bridge industry, academia and open-source community with real usage demands;
  • Help people learn and adopt the advanced blockchain technologies more efficiently.

Thanks very much for your consideration!

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