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Guest Speakers

Keisha Bell & Rob Palatnick - DTCC

Keisha Bell

Keisha Bell is Managing Director and Head of Diverse Talent Management and Advancement at DTCC, where she is responsible for recruiting and retaining best diverse talent and developing DTCC’s next generation of leaders through focused sponsorships and talent advancement strategies. She believes in changing mindsets, forging progressive practices, and views each employee as an agent of change. Keisha partners with business leaders to identify diverse talent across all levels focusing on their growth and mobility, and with Human Resources to ensure diversity and inclusion are fully integrated into working practices. Additionally, Keisha also leads Corporate Philanthropy and Social Responsibility for DTCC.

In her prior role, Keisha was Managing Director of DTCC’s Risk Management Reporting, Governance, Analysis and Program Management group. She successfully led Board and Management Risk Committees, regulatory, audit and compliance reporting, management control testing, and program management of the Financial and Technology Risk initiatives. Previously, she served as Executive Director of Wealth Management Services. She was also a member of DTCC’s Global Diversity and Inclusion Council, a founding leader of the LGBTQA professional network and represented DTCC at The Alliance, an inaugural gathering of the world’s most influential LGBTQ leaders held in Lisbon, Portugal. Keisha has more than 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, spanning broker/dealer operations, technology transformations, program management and business analysis. She earned her B.S. in Organizational Behavior from New York University

Robert Palatnick

Robert Palatnick is a Managing Director and Global Head of Technology Research and Innovation at DTCC, where he has responsibility for driving technology innovation at the firm and leads a number of key technology initiatives, including cloud, automation, machine learning, big data analytics and distributed ledger technologies. He is also responsible for collaboration with clients, regulators, fintech vendors and academia to research and advance technology innovations across the financial services industry.

Prior to this role, Rob served for over a decade as Chief Technology Architect, overseeing the firm’s global IT strategy, architecture, standards and engineering design of the systems and applications that support the firm’s broad range of products and services. During his career at DTCC, Rob also served as an Application Development Domain Lead, Chief Administrative Officer of IT and CIO of FICC. Prior to joining DTCC, Mr. Palatnick was Vice President, Development and Systems, at Security Pacific Corporation Sequor Software Services.

An active technology voice in the industry, Rob has been a featured guest speaker at key conferences worldwide and is often quoted in the press. He currently serves as Chairman of the Governing Board of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Project, a collaborative effort to establish, build and sustain an open, distributed ledger platform across industries.

Rob received his BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Buffalo and is an alumnus of the David Rockefeller fellowship.

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