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Minutes LinkThis was on the mailing list.

Overview of Proposal

Many of the Hyperledger projects have adopted a form of RFC/HIPE that uses GitHub and templates to make the process easier. I propose to extend this to HIPs as well.

  • Projects use RFC/HIPE process:
    • aries-rfcs
    • fabric-rfcs
    • grid-rfcs
    • indy-hipe
    • sawtooth-rfcs
    • transact-rfcs
    • ursa-rfcs

Please see this repo for a proposal.

Formal Proposal(s)

Move the HIP process to GitHub; either within the existing TSC repo, or in a new repo

Action Items

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date

Reviewed By


  1. Consistency is good

    1. Ry Jones : Can you verify the template? It looks like it still is a copy of the Fabric-RFC.

      1. Also, it looks like the image you used is the one that has the word "project" in it. 

        1. Which one should I use? I think it's the right one - it is about the project. I'm not going to die on that hill tho

          1.  At some point, "Hyperledger Project" became "Hyperledger"

      2. Pull requests accepted (smile)

        I'll fix that shortly, thanks.

  2. How are we expected to officially signal a vote on this?

    1. In email on the tsc list? If someone could move for a vote that would be nice