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06-Feb-2020 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

via Zoom

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: 2020 02 06 TSC Minutes

TSC Members


  • Angelo De Caro
  • Arnaud J Le Hors
  • Christopher Ferris
  • Dan Middleton
  • Gari Singh
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Mark Wagner
  • Nathan George
  • Swetha Repakula
  • Tracy Kuhrt
  • Troy Ronda



  • Reminder DCI Survey is live:
    This is the FUNNEST community survey ever!
    And it's just a couple minutes to help the community.
    You can even do it while Arnaud is talking (j/k Arnaud (smile) )
  • Anyone can suggest a TABLE DISCUSSION for Hyperledger Global Forum. Please sign up here! BOF tables (Silona Bonewald )

Quarterly updates

  • 2020 Q1 Architecture WG
  • 2020 Q1 Iroha
  • 2020 Q1 Performance and Scale WG

PROBLEM: it is not sending out reminders

Needs more lead time - like more than a week before Sara Garifullina

Did we cancel workgroups having quarterly reports? Mark Wagner

Voted on Working Group Quarterly Reports - Created and PASSED

"Working Groups that are purely discussion groups do not need to submit quarterly reports unless they have a deliverable(s) or Task Force(s)."

Decisions - For discussions please see the recording below.

Items of discussion

CA team stressed that they are giving requirements to the LFIT team for future software development so the sooner the better in regards to decisions being made.

Upcoming items


TSC Decision Log


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  1. for the record, I could only listen yesterday ... my vote on Replace "Major Releases" with "Promoted Releases" was yes as well (it passed anyway)