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BlockingTSC Election 2020
Minutes Link2020 03 12 TSC Minutes

Per Brian's suggestion

Proposed: The HL staff shall be helped by two volunteer election observers who are not running for the TSC, with whom the staff can CC on every election-related conversation they have or action they take, who can help them with the voter list, and with whom results can be shared. Just like HL staff, observers will not have access to the raw votes, though.


  1. This was discussed on the TSC call (see 2019 10 03 TSC Minutes) and it was pointed out that it actually raises privacy and confidentiality issues the members of the TSC feel ill-equipped to handle and that the Governing Board should lean on.

  2. The privacy issues that are raised are a red herring. The electors list has been commonly shared. Anyone can run the community tools independently anyway to get the elector list. The observers can advise on the various aspects of the election. Condorcet masks many of the aspects of the election even to the admin. The main item the administrator of the election can get is turnout as the election progresses, also the ranking of the winners, this is not visible to anyone else.:

    Observers can help:

    1. Objectively establish the criteria for participation (under the direction of the charter)
    2. Review the community tools and email traceability of the electors
    3. Stimulate Turnout (which is an important item)
    4. Certify the results of the election (if only one person gets to see the results, how are you sure that the results are what that person announced?)
  3. Let's discuss this in Phoenix

  4. Arnaud J Le Hors has proposed a rewording of this role

  5. Having thought about this more I propose we kill this proposal for two reasons:

    1. the staff tells me they don't need help to run the election,
    2. although the intent wasn't to check on the staff running the election, it seems to imply that the staff isn't trustworthy.

    At the same time it should be clear that no candidate should have any involvement with the election to avoid any conflict of interest (perceived or real).

    1. If a candidate communicates with the staff about the election; other than openly asking questions about the timing, schedule and the mechanisms, the candidate should be disqualified.

      Especially if they talk about changing the process and or campaigning for other candidates as a group. People should be free to campaign for themselves.