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01-Oct-2019 (7:00am - 8:00am PT)

via Zoom

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming community for all. For more information please visit our Code of Conduct: Hyperledger Code of Conduct

TSC Members


  • Arnaud Le Hors
  • Baohua Yang
  • Binh Nguyen
  • Christopher Ferris
  • Dan Middleton
  • Hart Montgomery
  • Kelly Olson
  • Mark Wagner
  • Mic Bowman
  • Nathan George
  • Silas Davis



  • Silona:
    • Need more mentors for the internship program. Contact Silona or Min.
    • Quilt reboot initial meetings happened.
      • Next meeting next week.
      • Bringing on members of other projects to advise on how to best move forward.
      • Interledger protocol or any other cross-ledger protocols?

Items of discussion

  • Revisiting the incoming frameworks guidelines.
    • Rough Draft - New Project Proposal
      • please add your comments on the criteria we should include.
    • Keep receiving proposals for code bases wanting to join Hyperledger.
    • The guidelines will help with the screening process in the beginning.
    • This is designed to differentiate between frameworks, apps, etc.
    • Any topics or criteria that should be included?
      • Is it a multi-stakeholder project? Now that we have labs, that should be where code bases grow to include multiple stakeholders before graduating into a project.
      • What will the TSC be considering with new frameworks going forward.
      • Multi-stakeholder/diversity aspect is fundamental to a potential new project to be considered to be a project rather than a lab.
      • Graduation from a lab to project hinges a lot on multi-stakeholder interest in the project.
      • Uniqueness is of less concern because we can use Hyperledger as a place to consolidate similar projects.
        • We do not want to be a dumping ground for failed ICO platforms.
      • Default to directing code bases to a lab, except if they are an established project with a diversity of stakeholders.
      • Labs don't necessarily provide access to tools and marketing resources making growth a little more difficult.
        • Informal decision: labs should be able to request access to tools as they need it. No customization. Just use what you get in Github.
        • We need a feel that there is a real project going on before a lab graduates to a project. We should minimize the amount of resources invested.
      • What criteria do people think are reasonable for skipping labs and straight to a project?
        • Is it coming in as a multi-vendor active project or is a project from scratch?
          • Project from scratch should be a lab first.
          • Multi-vendor, active project should be a project.
          • Projects that have been incubated as part/feature in an existing project and now needs to be split off is a third category of potential project.
        • Is there a template for labs proposals with a checklist?
          • Yes. Is it sufficient? We should review it.
  • Role of lab sponsors wording
    • Looking for comments from the community.
    • Labs require a labs sponsor and we need to make sure that we have a solid set of expectations for a sponsor.
    • Kelly: Arnaud's definition is consistent with his understanding of a lab sponsor role.
    • +1 Chris Ferris
    • Informal decision: no objections so we accept the definition as is.
  • APAC bootcamp
    • Set for Hong Kong, March 7-8
    • Opened up registration and was sold out in less than 24 hours.
      • We're trying to expand the number of attendees.
      • Still have slots available for session leaders
    • Slots are filling up with sessions.
    • Most materials for the bootcamp are being created as reusable materials for future bootcamps.
      • Plans to translate the materials for non-English speaking bootcamps.
  • Contributors Summit
    • Still in discussions with the events team to find a time and location for it.
    • Kelly: are we still looking to append this to the members summit in Japan this summer?
      • Not currently but was considering a day of unconference at the members' summit for this.
      • There's a desire to have them both together to make (international) travel easier for attendees.
      • We were looking at having the contributors' summit in Canada.
      • Can we still look into having the contributors' summit at a less expensive venue in conjunction with the members' summit.
        • Soramitsu, Hitachi, and NEC may have spaces we can use for the contributors' meeting.
  • Bootcamps in India and Brazil
    • Still in discussions with the events team to find a time and location for them.
    • Brazil is likely to be in the May time frame.
  • Election of New Chair for Learning Materials Dev WG 
    • Include ask of TSC for projects to send a representative to LMGD group
    • Sent email to email list about voting
    • Tabling until next week. 

Quarterly updates

  • Hyperledger Burrow
    • Have had a couple of fixes releases plus some new features.
    • Dump and restore has been added.
      • Allows for backwards incompatible changes without losing the state from the previous change.
      • Dump old chain state. Start new chain. Restore from previous dump so that the genesis block contains old state.
      • There's a plan to create a Fork Tx to mark where a chain has been dumped and forked.
    • Changes to new proposal system.
      • Runs transactions in proposal mode but doesn't record the changes until there have been enough votes.
    • Looking at storing ABI's on chain instead of files.
      • Knowing a contract address is all that is needed to look up a contract and call it.
      • Just need to know the name of the contract.
    • Planning on adding primitives for token economics.
    • Planning to add WASM VM in burrow to add support for executing WASM contracts.
    • Contributions from IBM that fix a few bugs.
    • Questions:
      • Are you intending to replace the EVM engine with the WASM engine?
        • The intention is to eventually use the WASM VM as the execution environment.
      • What is the higher level language that your users will be using?
        • Solidity will still be the language used.
        • Solang compiler is in prototype phase. It is a front end for LLVM written in Rust. Intention is to compile Solidity to WASM.
      • Arnaud: I would like to know more about Blackstone.
        • It is an API for running BPN on the blockchain using Solidity.
        • Allows users to implement legal agreements on a blockchain.
        • Written in Solidity so it should run on anything that uses Solidity.
        • Thinking they want to make it part of Hyperledger at some point.
  • Hyperledger Performance and Scalability WG
    • There was a discussion with Stack and there is an opportunity to work together to develop a benchmark.
    • Would we need legal agreements between Hyperledger and Stack?
    • Would we be jointly developing a standard benchmark?
    • Do we want to get involved and try to steer the effort in a direction we like or should we stay out of it and risk getting a benchmark that nobody likes?
    • We should probably stay involved since we care a lot about scalability and performance.
    • Questions:
      • Kelly: How aligned is the PSWG with the Caliper project?
        • No response. Nobody from Caliper present.

Upcoming items



  • Project Readiness for 1.0
  • What does Vendor Diversity mean?
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