What is a Bootcamp?

A Bootcamp is where we help get community members up to speed on how to contribute.  Most of the participants are fairly new and we understand that contributing to your first project can be a daunting. This process takes the fear out of the process. For existing contributors and maintainer, this is the ideal place to recruit more help for your project or group.





Who should attend and why?

Anyone that wants to contribute.  This includes: developers, designers, writers, organizers, artists, and of course Project managers.Anyone that needs contributions.  There isn't a better place to recruit and get to know new participants.  Don't limit yourself to thinking the only contributions you need at first are code!  Most contributors start out by fixing documentation and creating or flushing our bug reports.  Then they often move to fixing small bugs before making larger contributions.  Also an OSS community doesn't thrive if it isn't diverse.  You need writers, designers, and project managers etc.  Include them in your plans.


1) 任何想為超級账本项目贡献的人,包括:程序员,软件工程师,设计师,作者,管理者,项目经理等

2) 任何需要征召贡献者的人

Language of Instructions and Presentations in this Bootcamp?

We will have both English and Chinese presentations.  Please check the Breakout session descriptions!

英语和/或中文。请访问 Breakout Sessions 页面 查看相应分会场的信息

What to Bring?

  • Laptop

  • Power cord

  • Adapter for 13A UK Socket

Where: Cyberport 

地址:   香港,薄扶林数码港道100号数码港三座3楼


How much does it cost? 

FREE but individuals must arrange their own hotels and any additional travel.  Please see the transportation link for basic shuttle bus info from mass transit.


请用 Linux Foundation ID登录注册页面 https://events.linuxfoundation.org/events/hyperledger-bootcamp-hk-2019/register/  




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  1. There is no LINK for registration. 

    I would like to register.  

  2. Is this Full already?

  3. Hi,

    1. May I know Whether the organizing committee will assign us into different groups of discussion? Or we should find the group mates by ourselves?
    2. Also, anything should we prepare for? A laptop with linux OS? A basic knowledge of hyperledger? A brief idea of project?

    Thanks a lot

    1. So there will be a number of sessions going up in the next week. Once they are up check out their pages and descriptions. If you see something that is missing. Submit a proposal to do a study group and our team will work at finding you an advanced person to help.

      Each Session will list the prerequisites. They will vary a lot but you should definitely bring a laptop! People will be doing everything from working on documentation, installing environments, to submitting PR's.