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I. Welcome 
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Introduction to Learning Materials Working Group

         Antitrust Policy Antitrust Policy Notice

Linux Foundation meetings involve participation by industry competitors, and it is the intention of the Linux Foundation to conduct all of its activities in accordance with applicable antitrust and competition laws. It is therefore extremely important that attendees adhere to meeting agendas, and be aware of, and not participate in, any activities that are prohibited under applicable US state, federal or foreign antitrust and competition laws. Examples of types of actions that are prohibited at Linux Foundation meetings and in connection with Linux Foundation activities are described in the Linux Foundation Antitrust Policy available at http://www.linuxfoundation.org/antitrust-policy. If you have questions about these matters, please contact your company counsel, or if you are a member of the Linux Foundation, feel free to contact Andrew Updegrove of the firm of Gesmer Updegrove LLP, which provides legal counsel to the Linux Foundation.

Introductions from people on the call: 

Bobbi (Chair WG),

II. EdX Update / Discussion:

  • 1. Blockchain for Business EdX Updates   Sawtooth will have Tech Appl. course this fall. Indy, Aries and Ursa will have a course Oct - Nov VERY EXCITING , 
  • 2.Technical Course: each Project will have its own mini course. easier to maintain,  Scurran discusses in the rocket chat
  • 3. GitHub issues: Need maintainer https://github.com/hyperledger/education: old version of Edx course , no maintainers . Flavia suggests starting fresh with new material. Link to  new Github
    • Ravi Update

III. Wiki / Pages (Updates and Additions) 

  • Task Member Sign-Up
  • USE Case Template: Thank you Wendy for suggested reading, "Frontiers in Blockchain" for Standards and evidence presented in use case in the healthcare field. Evidence and Proof. Outcomes in use cases need to prove their value. Gordon commented with a caution about Data, What metrics are we basing findings  , Saptarshi, Quantify ROI with the evidence in case studies.  
  • Surveys
    1. Learning Materials development community survey: poll community for interest, new leadership and membership involvement:
    2. Hyperledger Community: three surveys, Working Groups, Special Interest Groups and Projects need to be developed to determine 
  • LMWG Management
  • Key Terms:  Glossary format set up,  Created a Table for compiling definitions. Once completed, form a sub group to discuss  ll be discussed by a sub group when completed.Started updating glossary
  • Resources Page: Library off all community documentation.
  • Best Practices Page
  • New Member Sign -up
  • Meet-up Project
  • Graphic Standards: Question was raised to SIG need any check process before publishing a document using Hyperledger. , Hyperledger prefers Google Doc or The wiki page for editing. 

VI. Presentations

Jim Mason : fabric update.

VII. Old Business:

Quarterly report Due this week.

VIII.   New Business

 IX. Close          Next meeting September 23rd 

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