On Today's Call:

  • Review Working Group status updates
  • Open discussion of current SSI topics

Please note:  

  • No meeting on 31 Dec 2020
  • Next meeting on 14 Jan 2021
  • Happy Holidays!  

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  • Name (Organization) <email>
  • Steve McCown (Anonyome Labs) <> 
  • Nathan George
  • Alex Jonsson
  • Rounak Ghosh
  • Jim StClair
  • Sam Curren
  • Himangshu Pan


Working Group Reports and Release Plans

  • Main Identity WG
    • Meeting Notes:  2020-11-25 (Dec meeting cancelled)
      • "The State of SSI" – Drummond Reed
      • Slides State of SSI.pdf
      • Recording available
  • Hyperledger Ursa
    • Homepage:  Hyperledger Ursa (EOL) 
    • 2020-12-8 Meeting Agenda
      • Approved the secret sharing PR.
      • Accumulator discussion.
      • Outstanding issues:  
        1. k256 crate. 
          1. Already migrated for the signature refactor.
          2. Can Milagro be removed?  (Only left for Indy.)
        2. Ursa refactor.
        3. Revocation issues (led by Brent)
        4. IETF Standardizing BLS Signatures
      • Discussion on PR #143 (is there still interest?)
  • DIF DIDComm Working Group
  • DIF Interoperability Group
  • Sovrin Foundation
    • Technical Governance Board (TGB)
      • 10 Dec 2020 Meeting Minutes:  
      • No call on 24 Dec 2020
      • Governance Framework discussion (Sankarshan), looking for inputs on:
        • Public Write Access
        • Network of Networks support/interoperability (including the Indy DID method)
        • KERI support
        • Economics and sustainability plan
      • Increasing Contributions by public shoutouts (Steve McCown)
        • "Sovrin Certified Developer" (Danial Hardman)
        • Existing Hyperledger process (Marta)
      • Requesting volunteers for Indy CI/CD (contact Stephen Curran)
        • Need help with existing Jenkins service and moving to Github Actions
      • Discussion on the future of Indy-SDK (Richard Esplin; Evernym)
    • Steward Council
      • 10 Dec 2020 Meeting Minutes:  
      • Reviewed Workstreams (1) Health monitoring, 2) technical, 3) community engagement)
      • No call on 24 Dec 2020
      • Next meeting 21 Jan 2021 will be an All Steward Call
      • Update from TGB (Steve McCown; see above)
      • Indy Updates (Richard Esplin; Evernym)
        • Indy Node release
          • Jenkins needs updating; Github Actions to be used for future releases
          • CI / CD
          • Ubuntu upgrade - most work done on Ubuntu 18.04 support. Ubuntu 20 will require more work and need volunteers/people to do this work.
          • Indy-Crypto to Ursa
        • Impact of Sovrin token - request to remove token code
          • Token code deployed but not maintained.
          • Want to remove the token plugin from mainnet. No transaction against the token ledger so easier to remove compared to staging/builder nets.
        • Indy SDK release
          • Stop support or help with releases of IndySDK
            • Moved to new repos
            • Aries-Askar - wallets
            • Aries-Credx - Credential Exchange
            • Aries-Vdr - Ledger comms
          • Evernym
            • No plans to continue maintaining IndySDK
            • Focussing on replacement libraries
        • Overview and achievements of the last 6 months
          • MVP metrics dashboard 
            • Uses indy-node-monitor via validator-info
          • Indy-ledger-monitor
            • Query DIDs, credential definitions, schemas
            • Query the ledger like indy-scan without a 3rd party
          • What metrics can be public?
            • Most information can be public, but some information could be used to attack specific nodes.
          • Key focus is to increase knowledge of and contribution to Indy
          • Ongoing discussions about decentralization of MainNet governance
            • Steward council meetings inform Stewards about Indy
            • Stewards need ability to raise concerns about Indy before code is developer and / or deployed
            • We need a process for stewards to be part of the release approval
          • Need more ideas for engaging with steward community.
        • Sovrin Governance Framework Discussion
          • Utility Governance Framework
          • Ecosystem Governance Framework
          • Version 3 of the SGF will be two efforts:
          • Would like Steward input into both frameworks.
        • Open Steward discussion - Community
          • Sovrin channel in RocketChat, Sovrin Forums, and mailing list aren't maintained
      • Network is healthy with near 100% uptime
  • W3C Standard
    • Verifiable Credentials Working Group
    • DID Working Group
  • Other?



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