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Attendees (64) :

Vipin Bharathan

Steve McCown

Carly Huitema

Karen Hand

luca boldrin

Jim Mason 

Drummond Reed

Bobbi Muscara

Tim Bouma

@Kamlesh Nagware

Miguel Jimenez

Alfonso Govela

Alberto Paradisi

Arnaud J Le Hors

Fernando Marino

Sidharth Mishra

Ralph Verhelst

Guilherme Lopes Ferreira

@Ted Achtem

@stephane Mouy

@Rohan Pinto

@Victor Rodrigues

@Vitor Oliveira

Moises E. Jaramillo

Jefferson Braswell

@silvia Marion

@Sergio Ribeiro

@Scott Perry

Don Lovett

Fabrizio Leoni

Main Event:

A presentation by Drummond Reed on the "state of SSI". Drummond is Chief Trust Officer at Evernym, one of the primary contributors to the Hyperledger Indy, Ursa, and Aries projects, and co-editor of the W3C Decentralized Identifier (DID) Core Specification. Drummond has been involved ever since Indy was launched into Hyperledger under the Identity Working Group auspices. Since the dawn of the decentralized identity/SSI movement, Drummond has been actively working on standards, community development, and governance frameworks for decentralized identity and SSI. He is also one of the founding Steering Committee members of the Trust over IP (ToIP) Foundation, a separate sister project under the Linux Foundation dedicated to standardizing an interoperable stack based on the core standards for SSI: W3C Verifiable Credentials and DIDs. Drummond will provide an overview of the "state of SSI" based on updates from the recent Internet Identity Workshop and discuss what the roadmap looks like in 2021.




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