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A page to gather ideas for topics to invite speakers to upcoming group calls.  If you have topics you're interested in hearing about or presenting about, feel free to add that here

2021 Speakers

  1. (Title, name and company, date)
  2. Real Product Carbon Footprint to Achieve Decarbonization by Gunther Walden, CEO of CircularTree, July 13
  3. To Net Zero with Verifiable Credentials by Andreas Kind, Head of Cybersecurity Technology and Blockchain at Siemens, August 10

Potential Speakers

  1. LF Energy (Martin to contact)
  2. LF OS-Climate (I’ve had a few calls with Truman and would be happy to follow up with an invite, but also happy if Martin wants to contact)
  3. LF Alvarium (David to contact Arpit and invite)
  4. Yale/John Kerry (Martin?)
  5. InterWork Alliance (Martin ask Cameron?) - because IWA is just getting started we could backend this invite I think
  6. INATBA? (LMK - there are many good groups that we could invite to present)
  7. CCC/UNFCCC (I could ask Massamba Thioye, LMK - there are many good groups in the CCC that we could invite to present)

Climate-related Use Cases

  • Feel free to add suggestions...
  • Engage with the Supply Chain SIG to collaborate on use cases around sustainability and consumer disclosure - Anshu Jain

Technical Topics

  • Private date in Fabric
  • Using Aries and Indy
  • How identity and privacy is handled by different Hyperledger frameworks
  • Creating assets or tokens
  • Using cloud services for Hyperledger,
  • Feel free to add suggestions...

Past Speakers

  1. Climate Ledger Initiative (confirmed – Oct 20, 2020)
  2. Spherity (confirmed – Sep 8, 2020)
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  1. Dr. Danilo DiSalvo   Engineer, Zero Carbon Supersonic Aircraft  

    Edward Hoare         Stourhead Biodiversity