There are a number of Working Groups that are active or being proposed where people will collaborate on specific ideas and tasks related to the overall mission of the group.  Anyone is welcome to propose and run a work group.  To do that, please feel free to start a new page in this section that covers the scope of the work group and notes about what you want to achieve (feel free to use one of the existing work groups as a template).  When you have that created, email the Climate Action and Accounting SIG mailing list to discuss your idea with the rest of the group.

Active working groups:

If you are interested in any of these active groups, please get involved.  To do that, feel free to add your name to the section on the work group pages listing members and join the discussion about the work of the group by joining the regular calls and joining the mailing list.

Proposed working group topics:

If you are interested in starting a new work group, feel free to start a new page on the wiki or send a note to the list explaining your ideas.

  • Consumer Disclosure WG
  • Standards strategy and governance - Tom (maybe not a working group itself, but a framework provided to a standards working group)
  • Digital Climate Standards – Chris Gabriel
  • Interoperability and inter blockchain communication
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