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The goal of this working group is to help the members of the CA2SIG align their activities to help build awareness about Climate Accounting in general, grow membership of the Climate Action and Accounting Special Interest Group, and improve the capacity of the group through education, networking, and attracting members with different areas of needed subject matter expertise.

To accomplish this, the Awareness and Capacity Building Working Group will support several different projects areas:

  • Events and Speaking Engagements Project
  • Articles / Media Strategy Project
  • Speaker Series Planning Project
  • Diversity and Inclusion project

Active Members

To help group members meet and interact with each other, people are welcome to add their contact information and your time zone to this page so that other participants can contact you directly. 

Adding your name here is optional and is not required to be a part of the group. 

To add your name in the directory below: you will need edit access to the wiki, and for this you need to get a free Linux Foundation ID. Once you have your LF ID (which you can use to log in the chat as well) you can log in and edit the table below with your information. After adding your name here, please also subscribe to the group's mailing list and post an introduction there so other group members can get to know you. You can also join the CA2 Hyperledger Chat group and make a personal introduction there and join the regular group meetings. 

NameCompany Location
ICANNLos Angeles, CA USA
Cliff HuangADGMAustralia/UAE

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