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Computer Architects Tasks:

Ecosystem Tasks:

  • Type your task here, using "@" to assign to a user and "//" to select a due date
  • Make sure the SIG Chair has an LFID and has logged into at least once. (This is necessary to set them up on the mailing list).
  • Make sure the SIG Chair has logged into at least once and tell the CA team the username they use. (This is necessary for setting up the chat channel).
  • Tell the CA team who is the SIG Chair and their email so they can add them to the mailing list
  • Format Wiki space using Sample SIG Home Page
  • Configure the sidebar on the space and remove the "Pages", "Blog", and "Space Shortcuts" sections by clicking on the `-` sign next to them until they appear as a `+` sign. Then save the changes.
  • Set up a section in your wiki space for your Meeting Notes and Zoom recordings

  • Work with the SIG chair to determine a date/time for the WG meetings. Choose a time that does not conflict with other WG and/or project calls from the community calendar.  Make sure they email the request to
  • Have the SIG chair send an invite to and the new mailing list for the meeting
  • Send out welcome email to the WG chair
  • Work with the marketing team to add the working group to
  • Work with PR team to create a blog post
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