(Meeting Link: ⁨https://consensys.zoom.us/j/95691099798)

EMEA/AMER Friendly Time -  1500 UTC (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html?iso=20201012T150000&p1=224&p2=179&p3=1440&p4=195&p5=47)

  • 8 AM Tuesday San Francisco
  • 11 AM Tuesday New York
  • 3 PM Tuesday UTC
  • 5 PM Tuesday Paris/Berlin
  • 1 AM Tuesday Brisbane


  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
  • Release updates
    • London PR with Mainnet block # on ETH1 Specs Repo (Rai) 
      • Waiting to get merged - then we will have what we need to release with mainnet block # for London
      • We could be releasing Besu 21.7.0 (July 7th, 2021) if all goes well with the block number proposed to the eth1-specs repo
    • Ropsten consensus issue release also needs to be merged in (Rai)
      • Rai - Issue: When base fee was low, we weren't calculating delta properly 
      • Justin - It's a trivial fix
    • Clients are aiming to have releases with mainnet block number before allcoredevs this Friday (Rai)
  • Work Updates
    • ETH 66 (Rai - WIP)
    • Issue for Bonsai (Rai)
    • Improvements to transaction pool (Justin)
    • Ping pong serialization issue 
      • Transaction pool changes 
      • If you flood the transaction pool 
      • Increasing the size of the transaction pool, so the maximum allowable dev p2p message as 10mb - increasing the size of the pool, to prevent malicious transactions 
      • Transaction mempool has been low in memory and isn't affected too much 
      • Might make it into release besu 21.7.0
    • External to maintainers of Besu are interested in contributing to state expiry using Besu
    • Working on getting Besu snaps ready 
      • Work on code hashes 
  • Other Business 
  • Open Forum
  • Future Topics
    • London to fork August 5th - to discuss on next AMER/ APAC contributor cal

**Recording will be added here after the call


Passcode: y5#9RmEC

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