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The Zenhub has up-to-date Epics that Besu development is targeting over various releases. See the roadmap tab on the Public Zenhub here:

This document represents the current working roadmap for Besu. It is a living document, which will evolve and change over time. In particular the features in later versions are likely to change.

We use the approach of #now, #next, #later used by foursquare, with a slightly different time horizon. Our #now scale is about 3 months, #next about 6 months, and #later is 12+ months.

Now (up to 22.10)

Merge & Post-Merge Clean-up

  • Reduction of tech-debt post-Merge relating to addition of new features and specs 
  • Fix of outstanding, non-critical issues relating to the Merge

Peering Improvements

The goal is to identify "good" peers fast which will allow Besu to sync to the accurate state faster 

  • Improve peer discovery speed 
  • Experiment with peer reputation scoring system
  • Fix defects on peering

Node Operation Improvements 

  • Investigate faster scaling to high volume read RPC traffic 

Next (up to 23.1)

Modularization of Besu

The goal is to shorten release cycle of Besu, increased adoption of Besu leveraged by composability 

  • Assess various approaches to modularization and investigate each option 

EIP Implementation

  • EIP-4488 (delayed post-merge)

Client enhancements

  • Transaction synchronization optimizations, reduces CPU and Memory use for long-lived transaction pools.
  • ETH/66 protocol improvements reducing network traffic

Later (up to 23.4 and beyond)

MEV Besu

  • The team will be exploring different options for supporting MEV APIs (most likely this will take place on the consensus layer post-Merge)

"Shanghai" Upgrade

First fork after Mainnet, whatever it is called. Bullets are notional until committed to on All-Core-Devs calls.

  • Ethereum Object Format support
    • Code Segments
    • Jump Tables
    • New Opcodes

Optimistic Besu

  • The team will be exploring different options for supporting use of the Besu EVM for Optimistic Rollups

EVM Performance

  • Continuing work to upgrade the overall performance of the EVM library


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