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This document represents the current working roadmap for Besu. It is a living document, which will evolve and change over time. In particular the features in later versions are likely to change.

We use the approach of #now, #next, #later used by foursquare, with a slightly different time horizon. Our #now scale is about 3 months, #next about 6 months, and #later is 12+ months.

Now (up to 20.10 FKA 1.6)

Peering Improvements

  • Improving the stability, reliability and performance of the peer-to-peer layer.

Performance benchmarks

  • Performance testing and measurement of private transactions using privacy groups with a private transaction manager.

Championing Fee Market Changes

  • Work to get EIP-1559 or an alternative deployed on the Ethereum Mainnet by providing a reference implementation in Besu and coordinating the broader community work around the initiative. 

Integrate Hive Testing

  • Integrate Hive testing results into the QA process. Hive is an Ethereum Foundation test harness that tests Devp2p, syncing, reference tests, and graphql in a black-box fashion.

Single Trie Data Storage Mode

  • Add a new database storage mode that instead of a multi-trie key-value store it is one trie, one set of indexed leaves, and a series of diffs that can be used to move the trie forwards or backwards. (This is a large task, over multiple quarters.  Some will ship in 20.10, some will ship later.)

IBFT2.0 Improvements

  • Enhancing support for block rewards and transaction fees in gas-charged networks.

Next (21.2/21.3 FKA 1.7)

Berlin Network Upgrade

  • Support for the upcoming network upgrade on the Ethereum Mainnet. 

GoQuorum Interoperability

  • Interoperability with GoQuorum across various functionality such as privacy, IBFT consensus and plugin frameworks. (This is a large task, over multiple quarters.  Some will ship in 21.2, some will ship later.)

Single Trie Data Storage Mode

  • Continuation of the work from the 20.10 release. 


  • More items to be added to the roadmap in the coming months. If you have a suggestion, you can submit it using the Feature Proposal template. 

Future (21.5+)

In addition to making incremental improvements to the above features, there will be some bigger pieces of work. These are deliberately kept vague at this time, and will be elaborated upon when they move up to the now and next levels of work.

  • Stateless Ethereum support 
  • Privacy group consensus

  • Cross privacy group communication

  • Onchain privacy

  • Active directory/LDAP integration
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