Besu issues are tracked on GitHub. See our contribution guidelines for more details on searching and creating issues.

If you've commented on an existing issue and have been waiting for a reply, or want to message us for any other reason, Discord is where to find us. 

Choosing an Issue to contribute on

When you've identified an issue you'd like to work on, ping us on Discord in the #besu-contributors channel and we'll assign it to you.

Browse the following lists for easy pickings.

Start by looking through the "good first issue" and "help wanted" labeled issues on the dashboard

Good First Issues

The filtered list of good-first-issues is perfect for contributors wanting to get started with the project.

These are issues which should only require a few lines of code or documentation, and maybe a test or two.

Help Wanted

Help-wanted issues are a bit more involved than `good first issue` issues.

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