Thanks for taking the time to contribute!

Welcome to the Besu wiki! The following links are a set of guidelines for contributing to this repo and its packages. These are mostly guidelines, not rules. Use your best judgement, and feel free to propose changes to this wiki page.

Contributions come in the form of code submissions, writing documentation, raising issues, helping others in chat, and any other actions that help develop Besu.


Having the following accounts is necessary for contributing code/issues to Besu.

  • If you want to contribute code, you can make a Linux Foundation (LF) account here.
  • If you want to raise an issue or contribute code, you will need a GitHub account.
  • Our Discord also requires a Discord login.

Still no luck?

What to do to contribute but are unsure of where to start, even after looking at our good-first-issues and help-wanted tags in GitHub?

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