Planned Topics:

  • Bifold to OWF
  • Dependency Injection

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Welcome and Introductions

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself or organization. Let the community know what interest you have in the Bifold effort.


Record your attendance for posterity, and allow others may contact you if needed.


  • OpenWallet Foundation Update


  1. OpenWallet Foundation
    1. Initiative Update
    2. Bring along Aries Mobile Test Harness as part of Bifold
    3. Migration of services to OWF
  2. Restructure repository.
    1. Rename of "App" to "src" as part of GitHub migration
    2. Drop the "legacy" name from packages because its not really legacy
    3. Considered moving "app" out of packages but we'll probably leave it for now. More conversation on the subject required.
  3. Dependency Injection -
  4. Project Documentation
    1. Components
    2. Dependency Injection
  5. Minor project updates
    1. Logo
    2. Project Settings for iOS
    3. Related developer doc
    1. Community implementing the issuing component.
    2. Waiting for AFJ 5 to support OIDC4VC Draft 11.

Next Meeting

  • Continued updates

Future Topics

New Action Items

  • Update OCA package documentation to discuss usage, card layout (1.0, 1.1), etc.

Recording / Slides

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