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Recording: 20230329 Aries Working Group Call Recording.mp4

Nessus Demo: 20230324 DIDCommv2 Nessus Demo.mp4

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Welcome / Introductions


  • IIW - April 18-20, 2023, Mountain View, California.
    • Community Plans:
      • DIDComm v2 Connect-a-thon - HackMD lists the participants and live connections.
      • Hyperledger AnonCreds Update and V2.0 Progress

Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

Not Discussed, but left in the notes just because...

  • DID Peer 2/3 – processing approach – is this the plan:
    • Identifiers:
      • Long Identifier – as defined today, entire encoded DIDDoc in identifier
      • Short identifier is the first 22(?) characters of 64 character string sha256 of long identifier (or something else?)
    • On receipt of a did:peer:2<identifier>, process as follows:
      • Detect length of identifier — short or long (assumption: long peer:did:2 will never be less than 23(?) bytes)
      • If short - resolve DID locally to get DIDDoc - on success, exit
      • If short and resolution failed — error, exit
      • If long
        • Convert long DID to short DID - resolve DID locally to get DIDDoc - on success, exit
      • If long and short DID resolution failed
        • Resolve long DID locally to get DIDDoc — on success, exit
      • if both short and long DID resolution fails
        • If on a “create DID” step (e.g. receiving DID Exchange “request” or “response” or DIDComm 2 new protocol step)
          • Extract DIDDoc from long DID, store short DID and DIDDoc, get DIDDoc — on success, exit
      • Otherwise — error

Other Business

Future Topics

  • Thomas - Nessus DIDComm 0.23.2 First Release
    • Wallet abstraction for AcaPy + Nessus native
    • Camel Http Endpoint for Nessus agent
    • Support for RFC0434 Out-of-Band Invitation V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0023 Did Exchange V1
    • Support for RFC0048 Trust Ping V1 & V2
    • Support for RFC0095 Basic Message V1 & V2
    • CLI to work with supported protocols and model
  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?

Action items

Call Recording

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Multimedia File 20230324 DIDCommv2 Nessus Demo.mp4 Mar 29, 2023 by Stephen Curran
Multimedia File 20230329 Aries Working Group Call Recording.mp4 Mar 29, 2023 by Stephen Curran

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