Planned Topics:

  • OCA Demo & Discussion
  • Becoming a Maintainer Discussion

Community Meeting Policies

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Welcome and Introductions

Take the opportunity to introduce yourself or organization. Let the community know what interest you have in the Bifold effort.


Record your attendance for posterity, and allow others may contact you if needed.


  • Aries Framework Javascript 0.3.3 released
    • Bifold PR Update – 0.3.3


  • Becoming a Maintainer;
  • Add bots to the repo for code quality;
  • OCA Demo & Discussion
    • Contributing to OCA from Ontario
    • How can this become a NPM package

Next Meeting

Future Topics

  • Machine Readable Governance Presentation - Mike
  • How should we implement Machine Readable Governance?
  • Bifold architecture - what's next?

Action items

Last Meeting

  • Need to update Sovrin genesis file and check network availability. 
  • Fetch genesis transaction as part of a build step.
  • Understand if the wallet can update the genesis transaction in the field (post build).
  • Problem with pick-up plugin (pickup v2) with mediators. The first message is dropped.
  • Clecio will help update ZMQ in indy and give a new build to James.
  • James to present some architecture ideas at the next Bifold meeting.


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