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  • RWOT Update
  • OCA for Aries RFC
  • Minor Versions


(7AM Los Angeles, 10AM New York, 3PM London, 4PM CET, 18H Moscow)

Hyperledger is committed to creating a safe and welcoming

community for all. For more information

please visit the Hyperledger Code of Conduct.


Welcome / Introductions


Release Status and Work Updates

Discussion Topics

  • RWOT Updates
    • Holder Binding
    • OCA
    • AnonCreds
    • Rich Chat
      • Broadcaster - outbound mediator, assist sending (Next week - Ariel Gentile)
  • OCA for Aries - PR 775 – presentation
  • Proxy Ledger Access - Status Update
  • Minor Versions - PR 752

Other Business

Future Topics'

  • State-of-union of Aries projects
  • OIDC Credential Exchange in Aries - Mike Richardson
  • Proxy Ledger Access Followup
  • decorator for redirection after proofs. - existing?
  • Standardized attribute names for AnonCreds - alignment with VC data model. (Paul Bastian)
    • terms and conditions (as link)
    • machine-readable governance?
  • Multiple sigs on a credential - Shivam Sethi

Action items

Call Recording

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