Planned Topics:

  • Group Goals review
  • Meeting Times
  • Existing Code walkthrough

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Welcome and Introductions

Who you are, and what your interest is in the Bifold effort.



Rocket Chat Channel creation:

Deployments and Work Updates

  • Code State to be reviewed in agenda.


  • Group Goals
    • Consolidate mobile app development effort among interested parties.
    • Codebase you can check out and run immediately in an emulator.
    • Active community
    • Production ready app.
    • Whitelabel or UI modules to be included in existing apps
    • Enable an app to collaborate via protocols with wallets
    • Interoperability
    • Ease of use
      • And Aries Protocols to support that ease of use, available to all Mobile implementations
  • Naming?
    • Aries Bifold
    • Aries Mobile Agent React Native
  • Meeting Times
    • Does this time and cadence work for everyone?
    • Suggestions?
  • Existing Code Walkthrough - James Ebert
  • Action Items
    • Transfer repos to Hyperledger
    • Initial efforts

Next Meeting

  • Requests?

Future Topics

Action items

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