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  • Aries crypto service RFC

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Welcome / Introductions


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Release Status and Work Updates

RFC Progress

  • Rich Schema RFC headed to an APPROVED status, Troy had some comments on how the Link Secrets tie to W3C spec.
  • Proposal to renumber RFC 0289

Other Business

  • Crypto Service RFC, Robert Mitwicki
    • Expose cryptographic services outside of the Agent (e.g. make available for document transfer services).
    • Next steps with the RFC:
      • Need to address overlap with Aries-KMS.
      • Need to address key exposure post-compromise.
        • Leverage message blinding. (Mike L can help)
      • Include more use cases
        • more specific details (PDF viewer . . . )
        • concern that the process is driven outside the agent, instead of by the agent
        • explain when the compromises in trust-shifting makes sense
        • where is this useful, and where is this not recommended
  • Progress on POCs for Core Libraries: Aries-KMS, Aries-VDRI

Future Topics

Action items


Call Recording

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