• Test Suite Importance
  • In Discussion RFCs (like DID Exchange)
  • Non-repudiation in did-exchange response
  • Decorator Versioning

Note: This call is being recorded.


(12PM Los Angeles, 3PM New York, Tuesday at 5AM Sydney)

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Welcome / Introductions


  • MyData Global 25-27 September (NGI Forum 25 Sep)
  • IIW - Oct 1 - 3
  • Hyperledger Meetup Belgrade October 2
  • Hyperledger Maintainer Summit in Minneapolis (October 8-10)
  • Hyperledger Bootcamp Russia (October 13-14)
  • Aries Workshop/Connectathon December 3-5 in Provo, Utah (details to follow)
  • `aries-cloudagent-python` and `aries-framework-dotnet` propose to switch from the `connections` protocol to the `did-exchange` protocol the week after IIW (Oct. 6-11). It will take most of the week to get all implementations and documentation updated and deployed.
  • Request from Troy Ronda that those interested in using JWE for pack()/unpack() (aka Encryption Envelope) push on getting that issue resolved. Issue 133, RFC 0019.
  • Kiva is working on an Aries Wallet implementation. See notes in the #aries channel or ping Cam Parra
  • DID Document Server based on the DNS framework - worked on by Michael Herman
  • Other Announcements

Related Meetings Review

  • Morning Aries Call - move current indy-sdk functionality to aries-sdk.
  • Ursa - 
  • Semantics - 
  • Indy Contributors - Richard Esplin - Monday - View Change Protocol, probably October.
  • Identity Implementer Call - Next week at 8AM Pacific;  Last Week: 

Upcoming Releases and Work Updates

  • Aries-CloudAgent-Python (
    • 0.3.3 release - fixes and dependancy updates
  • Aries-Framework-Go (Troy)
  • Aries-SDK-Ruby (Jack) - rails & indy-sdk docker working with aries-sdk-ruby gem
  • Aries-Framework-DotNet (Tomislav)
  • Aries-StaticAgent-Python - (nothing new) Release 0.4.0
  • Aries-SDK-Python - PR from JeromeK - weigh-in from those interested in Python wrapper would be appreciated.
  • Aries-SDK-Java
  • Aries-SDK-JavaScript -
  • Indy
    • Indy Node
    • Indy SDK
  • Ursa


Next Week

Future Topics

Call Recording

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