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  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Incentive Program Update: [WIP] Proposal #4 is considered the final proposal. EF, HLF, and CSI are currently working with their respective legal teams. 
  • Action Items Review from prior call
    • From Grace - We agreed on Option 2 for how to resolve who are mainnet maintainers in the Incentive program.
    • Release updates and Improvements: Generally agreed we need to improve this process. Sajida was going to act as PoC from CSI side. 
    • Have we scheduled an off week Discord voice chat meeting yet?
  • Release updates
    • 22.1.0 done
    • 22.1.1 done on 24 Feb
    • Tracking who is doing each release Release Rotations 2022
      • Add your name here to volunteer for release rotation 
      • Note quarterly release is a larger coordination role 
    • Team is working toward several Release Process Improvements here
  • Work Updates
    • trace APIs - ongoing
    • Merge Update
    • Future Backwards Incompatible Changes (Danno Ferrin)
      • Java 17 migration (notice in next quarterly, actual upgrade next after)
      • EVM migration from Gas object to long (git branch) (next quarterly)
  • Other Business 
  • Metrics Review -;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap
  • Open Forum
    • We are officially on Discord! Should we add maintainer's Discord handle on Maintainer list? 
    • Proposal - "Off Week" Discord voice chat meetup. When?
    • Deprecating log42j - from Diego see Contributor channel
  • Future Topics