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  • 11 am New York


  •  Housekeeping
  • General Announcements
    • Incentive Program Update: [WIP] Proposal #4 is considered the final proposal. EF, HLF, and CSI are currently working with their respective legal teams. 
  • Action Items Review from prior call
    • From Grace - We agreed on Option 2 for how to resolve who are mainnet maintainers in the Incentive program.
    • Release updates and Improvements: Generally agreed we need to improve this process. Sajida was going to act as PoC from CSI side. 
    • Have we scheduled an off week Discord voice chat meeting yet?
  • Release updates
    • 22.1.0 done
    • 22.1.1 done on 24 Feb
    • Tracking who is doing each release Release Rotations 2022
      • Add your name here to volunteer for release rotation 
      • Note quarterly release is a larger coordination role 
    • Team is working toward several Release Process Improvements here
  • Work Updates
    • trace APIs - ongoing
    • Merge Update
    • Future Backwards Incompatible Changes (Danno Ferrin)
      • Java 17 migration (notice in next quarterly, actual upgrade next after)
      • EVM migration from Gas object to long (git branch) (next quarterly)
  • Other Business 
  • Metrics Review - https://insights.lfx.linuxfoundation.org/projects/hyperledger%2Fbesu/dashboard;quicktime=time_filter_3Y
  • Roadmap Review - Roadmap
  • Open Forum
    • We are officially on Discord! Should we add maintainer's Discord handle on Maintainer list? 
    • Proposal - "Off Week" Discord voice chat meetup. When?
    • Deprecating log42j - from Diego see Contributor channel
  • Future Topics

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  1. I'd like to discuss Besu doc guidelines and specifically how it's perhaps not necessary to have specific guidelines for this project (we already point to
    Google and Microsoft writing guidelines, why not more?).

    The point is that it requires some maintenance that only a few of us are doing and because only the contribution process is specific to Besu, maybe we could point to Consensys doc writing guidelines directly so we only update them.

    The Consensys doc guidelines are public and anyone can contribute (and we are reworking them currently so we would like to prevent having to do the work twice to do that also on Besu wiki).

    The main question is how much isolation of Besu meta content (it's not code, it's not doc, it's the guidelines to write doc) do we want vs how easy it is to maintain.

    Do you think we could discuss this in this community call?
    (see my messages on Discord 1 2)