• Status of indy-node CI/CD
  • Status of Ubuntu upgrade

Recording from the call: 20210511 Indy Contributors Call Recording

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Welcome and Introductions


  • Stephen Curran (Cloud Compass Computing Inc.) <>
  • Richard Esplin (Evernym)  <>
  • Sebastian Schmittner (EECC) <>

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Release Status and Work Updates

Meeting Topics

  • Update:
    • Indy-Plenum CD is the furthest along. Thank you Robin Klemens!
      • PR submitted last week - for 16.04
      • Reviewed by Wade Barnestoday, some cleanup needed
      • No blockers
      • Next step is CD for Ubuntu 20.04
    • Indy-Node
      • No changes – waiting on Plenum
    • Sovrin Release - Wade Barnes
      • Issue with libsov token builds for IOS/client side – needed for the testing, engaged Ian C/BC Gov to work this
      • Jenkins build 
    • indy-test-automation – had been working, but it is dependent on the Sovrin packages that are not made yet.
      • Blocked on previous issue
  • Indy SDK - ABSA updates merged – libvcx removed from CI / CD
  • IDUnion Docker images for Indy Node ( )
    • Goals: reduce dependencies, in particular from specific Ubuntu Versions
      • Questions around running indy node in a container in the first place (restarts/upgrades, systemd,...)
    • WIP! But we got a few (ubuntu 18, debian buster) running containers which are not ubuntu16 based.
    • Upstream Contribution
      • Wade Barnes : Perhaps make it a part of Indy Node repo?
      • Into a separate - repo – e.g. "indy-node-container" - in case the repo is moved to Hyperledger
    • Sovrin experience goes:
      • Persisting the ledgers – that's easy
      • Challenge is that the network is long running and does network driven updates
        • Network update done, updates node themselves – new dependencies, new version of Node – but this is happening to ephemeral storage (not persisted)
          • Upgrade strategy for docker is that they pull a new image, not simply automate the upgrade of the running container
        • On restart, the ephemeral updates are lost, and the node is running old code again.
        • Need to persist the code changes.
      • Challenge as well is that we lose diversity if all nodes run the same docker image – how do we retain diversity?
      • Old PR about using docker:

Future Calls

Next call:


  • Changes to indy-node needed for did:indy
  • Status of Indy-SDK
    • Statement on the future of the Indy SDK: PR 2329
    • Plans for future of Indy CLI (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Indy SDK in test for Indy Node (move to Indy VDR?)
    • Status of GitHub Actions for the Indy-SDK
  • Indy bugs
    • Using GitHub tags "Good First Issue" and "Help Wanted" 
    • Node 1490: problems with large catch-up
    • Plenum 1506: view change message consensus calculation error
  • Hyperledger campaign to recruit additional developers.

Action items