Contribution campaigns are a way for Hyperledger projects and labs to leverage all of Hyperledger's marketing channels to connect with new contributors.  If you are interested in finding more contributors for your project, let us know and we're happy to help.  We'll need a few things from you:

  • a page with clearly defined steps for how to get involved and what contribution opportunities people can work on
  • a blog post about your project and why people would want to consider contributing
  • and participation in at least one recorded webinar or virtual meetup so we have a video about your project

Once we have that information, we'll schedule a campaign that will share these details about your project using our social media channels, email messaging, website+wiki and more.  We'll also help you use the Insights metrics dashboard to track the success of the campaign and the growth of your community. 

When we've done this before, we've seen many new contributors get involved.  The following presentation has information about a contribution campaign we ran at the end of 2020 for the Blockchain Automation Framework.  If you'd like to talk about running a contribution campaign, please feel free to email us.

Past Campaigns

Q4 2021: Hyperledger Cacti

Q3 2021: Minifabric lab

Q2 2021: Blockchain Carbon Accounting lab

Q1 2021: Fabric documentation translation

Q4 2020: Blockchain Automation Framework lab

Planning documents for these campaigns are in the Contribute-A-Thon section of the wiki.

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