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Minifabric is the tool to get you started with Hyperledger Fabric fast, easy and right. No matter you just want to get a feel about Fabric or you need to develop your Fabric applications, Minifabric is ready to help. It does not ask you to do a long list of things before you run your first minifab command, all you need is a docker environment regardless it is a production server or is a VirtualBox vm, you can setup your first network in few minutes. To the very experienced Hyperledger Fabric users, if you eager to deploy Fabric onto K8S cluster, yes, you can use Minifabric exactly same way as you use Minifabric locally to stand up your Fabric network and work with your chaincode.

Feature Highlight

Minifabric is small but it allows you to experience the full capabilities of Hyperledger Fabric.

  • Fabric network setup and expansion such as adding new organizations
  • channel query, create, join, channel update
  • chaincode install, approve, instantiation, invoke, query and private data collection
  • ledger height and block query and Hyperledger Explorer support
  • node monitoring, health check and discovery
  • never pollute your environment, Minifabric is just one small script + a docker container image

How to start using Minifab:

Read the quick start document

Minifabric videos and articles:

Watch Minifabric videoes

Videos on Youtube

Minifabric lives on github repo

How to Get Involved

This is an open source project and anyone is welcome to get involved and we will be happy to see you contribute.

1) Read our document to get familiar with the product

2) Become a user of Minifabric regardless for your demo, development or production

3) Look through our Good First Issue list below

4) Choose an issue that you want to pick and comment on it so that maintainerscan help you with the issue and answer your questions

5) Submit a pull request to fix an issue

6) Become an advocator for Minifabric

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about using or contributing to the project, join our chat channel.  Feel free to introduce yourself and ask your questions at:

New to Hyperledger?  You'll need a Linux Foundation ID (LFID) to edit our wiki pages and chat on Hyperledger channels.  Here's how to get your LFID .

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