• The Issue Game - addressing PRs
  • New repo: indy-node-monitor
  • Backgrounder: indy-vdr

The call recording is available here: 20200707 Indy Contributors Call

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Release Status and Work Updates

  • Indy Node
    • Timing TBD:
      • Replacing Indy Crypto with Ursa(Kiva)
        • Test are running as I type...
      • ? More "rich schema" objects
      • ? Ubuntu 20.04 (Kiva) - other dependencies - Jira Issue
  • Indy SDK
    • Timing TBD:
      • Indy VDR into LibIndy
      • Indy Credx into LibIndy
  • Indy/Aries Shared Libraries
    • Aries Shared:
      • indy-vdr (Andrew Whitehead)
        • Recent PRs from Patrik Stas related to demo; start of a node-js wrapper
        • One open PR - callback ID
        • Simple example in the script that is a start point for indy-node-monitor
        • Working on the CI/CD pieces to produce multi-platform artifacts
      • indy-credx -
        • No updates
        • To be moved to BC Gov and then to Hyperledger
      • indy-shared-rs -
        • Shared features across indy-vdr and indy-credx
        • pack/unpack on Ursa (not libsodium)
        • To be moved to Hyperledger
        • Three crates - indy-utils, key derivation/pack/unpack/base58, indy-anon-creds (data types for credentials, reduce dependencies), indy-test (dev genesis file)
      • aries-credx
      • Aries Secure Storage initiatives:
        • Andrew is making progress on this. Covered on Aries WG call. Recording available on this page.
        • Key management
        • Demo planned for this week's ACA-Pug call.
    • Ursa
      • BBS+, Revocation work 2.0 work
      • Current Release: 0.3.2, but 0.3.4 is ready. What's happening with the release?
        • Last PR merged yesterday, Ursa call this week
        • Attempts to use main branch in libindy – compile errors, so there is a cleanup needed.
        • indy-vdr is using pre-release 0.3.4, but needs published Ursa crate

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