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The Hyperledger Identity WG Implementers Call coordinates status and dependencies between projects building verifiable credentials and identity components. This meeting was formerly known as the Indy WG call before the Aries project launch.

This call is held every other Thursday at 8AM US Pacific, 16H London, 18H Moscow, 20:30 New Delhi

This call covers low lever technical details required to implement identity solutions. There is an additional call every other Wednesday that focuses on high level conceptual work. The meeting information is on the main Identity Working Group page.

Meeting Agendas and Notes

2019-08-15 Identity WG Implementers Call

Planned topics:

  • Project updates
  • Indy performance testing
  • GitLab CI/CD Migration Discussion

2019-08-01 Identity WG Implementers Call

Project updates

GitLab CI/CD Migration Demo

2019-07-25 Identity WG Implementers Call

Should this call be every week or every other week

Roadmap coordination between projects

Open Discussion

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