• Work updates:
    • Indy VDR
    • Indy Credx
    • Aries Credx
    • Aries Storage
  • Enabling agents to work with multiple Indy networks

The call recording is available here: 20200601-Indy Contributors Call.mp4

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  • Stephen Curran  (Cloud Compass Computing Inc.) <>

Related Calls and Announcements

  • Identity Implementer Working Group call (Wiki Page) - every 2nd Thursday

Release Status and Work Updates

  • Move from Sovrin Foundation infrastructure
    • Stalled - no resources
  • Indy Node
    • June(?):
      • Replacing Indy Crypto with Ursa (Kiva)
      • More "rich schema" objects
      • Ubuntu 20.04 (Kiva)
        • Need to check additional dependencies:  Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.
  • Indy SDK
    • June(?):
      • Indy VDR into LibIndy
      • Indy Credx into LibIndy
  • Aries Shared Libraries

Meeting Topics

  • Revocation 2.0 
    • Meeting with Brent Zundel Mike Lodder Andrew Whitehead Stephen Curran
    • Review of merkle tree construction based on leaf nodes containing \{ Begin, End \} indices of unrevoked credentials
      • RFC PR in progress - Non-Revocation Range Tree 
      • Prover given index for credential
      • Proves in zero knowledge each of: index, index > begin, index < end and leaf  \{ Begin, End \} is in the tree
      • Together they prove that credential issued to the prover is one that is not revoked.
    • We know the merkle tree construction is fast and space-efficient for registries of 1M and possibly 16M credentials.
      • Test ran with Poseidon Hashing (slows hash, but speeds proof generation) vs. SHA256 - not as fast, but in range
      • Could also run tests with 4- or 8-ary trees.
    • TBD: How fast is the construction of the proofs and what proof style to use?
    • Questions about what ZK tech has been investigated?
  • Dynamic Ledger Resolution - Presentation
    • Goal is an agent that can easily interact dynamically with multiple Indy ledgers with minimal effort by the agent owner.
    • Today: Apps are Sovrin MainNet, Sovrin Staging, Sovrin BuilderNet, BCovrin and others.
      • User manually selects which ledger to use in Mobile Wallets.
    • Future: Market forces will result in credentials rooted in multiple Indy ledgers.

Future Calls

Next call:


  • Requirements questions:
    • IS-1099: anoncreds.prover_get_credentials_for_proof_req should return per-credential timestamp
      • Should we allow duplicate credentials from the same issuer?

Action items

  • PR to RFC #0019 to compare pack/upack to msgpack (Sergey)
  • Review the 61 cases of "unsafe" libindy calls and figure out if they are justified.