• Work updates:
    • Indy VDR
    • Indy Credx
    • Aries Credx
  • Migrating from JIRA to GitHub Issues
  • Migrating from Jenkins to GitHub Actions (or Azure Pipelines)
  • Revocation 2.0 Discussion

The call was recorded and available: 20200420 Indy Contributors Call.mp4.

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Related Calls and Announcements

  • Identity Implementer Working Group call (Wiki Page)
    • Main place to get project updates, release status, and announcements.
  • IIW is next week - please register and join from your home.

Release Status and Work Updates

  • Move from Sovrin Foundation infrastructure - Wade Barnes
    • Move from Jenkins to GitHub actions
      • Sovrin Foundation Jenkins machines are going away
      • Sovrin resource migration
      • #cicd discussion "Indy CI / CD Migration" (in #cicd use menu item "Discussions" to see/get to the discussion)
    • Move → Hyperledger Artifactory for all except Sovrin Foundation specific artifacts
  • Indy Node
    • April: no release
    • May:
      • Replacing Indy Crypto with Ursa (Kiva)
      • More "rich schema" objects
      • Ubuntu 20.04 (Kiva)
        • Need to check additional dependencies:  Unable to render Jira issues macro, execution error.
  • Indy SDK
    • April: no release
    • May/June:
      • Indy VDR into LibIndy
      • Indy Credx into LibIndy
  • Aries Shared Libraries
    • Aries Shared:
      • indy-vdr (Andrew Whitehead)
        • Nearing release 1.0(?) - most work complete that was needed: Design doc, FFI, testing, CI / CD
          • CD not there
          • No design doc, but crate docs
        • As an Aries interface becomes standardized, will add that API layer
          • Do we hold off on setting the version until this is in place.  Maybe 0.8
        • GitHub actions runs unit tests and basic integration tests
        • VON Network browser moved to Indy-VDR instead of LibIndy (no wallet needed because it is stateless)
          • Andrew working a refactor in a PR
      • indy-credx -
        • ACA-Py branch created that can do credential exchange with indy-credx
        • Next up: adding revocation 2.0 support
        • Integrating upgraded PyO3 library
      • indy-shared-rs -
        • Shared features across indy-vdr and indy-credx
        • pack/unpack on Ursa (not libsodium)
        • home for revocation support?  Or at least shared set membership proof handling?
      • aries-credx
      • Aries Secure Storage initiatives:
    • Ursa
      • Not covered

Other Business

  • Move to GitHub Issues from JIRA for indy-sdk, indy-node, indy-plenum
    • Activate issues, update README to mention history
    • Plan - Lazy Migration: Migrate current, likely to happen JIRAs to Issues as needed
      • NOTE: about 200 open issues on indy-sdk with a guess of about 50% to be moved
        • Even more open issues on plenum and node
    • Action: Stephen to get Ry to activate Github issues; update READMEs to reflect change.
  • Migrate Jenkins to GitHub Actions (and perhaps Azure pipelines)
    • Plan started - Sovrin resource migration
    • Resources:  Wade Barnes (BC Gov), Thor Wolpert (BC Gov) for first step (Indy SDK/Linux)
  • Revocation 2.0
    • Presentation (summary of what was presented on the Aries WG Call)
      • General agreement on the approach.
      • Comments from discussion:
        • The limiting factor will be the calculations and space needed by the prover to create the merkle tree interior nodes
        • What are the space/time trade-offs between repeating calculations per proof vs. caching the calculated tree?
        • Action: need some experimenting with the approach - compression and space/time for tree calculations
    • Please provide feedback on the proposed design (see JIRA: Indy-2365)
    • Do we need to update/release indy-node if transactions are the same but data is new?
      • Yes, but not much.  Mainly to verify the content of the data before writing to the ledger.

Future Calls

Next call:


  • Requirements questions:
    • IS-1099: anoncreds.prover_get_credentials_for_proof_req should return per-credential timestamp
      • Should we allow duplicate credentials from the same issuer?

Action items

  • PR to RFC #0019 to compare pack/upack to msgpack (Sergey)
  • Review the 61 cases of "unsafe" libindy calls and figure out if they are justified.

Call Recording

20200420 Indy Contributors Call.mp4