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Yuxiang Liu

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Short personal bio

Yuxiang "David" Liu is Senior Technology Architect at Oracle. He is volunteering in Hyperledger TWGC chairs and leading Fabric-GM SIG. 

Short personal pitch

I started my blockchain journey almost the same date of birth of Hyperledger, in early 2016, some new ideas and opportunity coming from adoption of blockchain in KYC in FSI, Proof of voting right from shareholders of publicly traded companies and the long-lasting supply chain scenario. Playing as an consultant solution architect role at the time, I am emotionally tired of delivering projects, stopping at POC stage by 2018. To break these cycle, I turned out to challenge myself in two ways.

First, to build a new venture and business of which enterprise blockchain technology is not simply optional, but implementing the core system itself, in a "blockchain-native" fashion from Day 1. It is recognized as Mediconcen. 

Second, to avoid the effect from commercial up-and-downs on the technology, I started to volunteering more time in Hyperledger, especailly in great China and TWGC, covering working items including i18n, meetup organization, technical evangelist, code contribution, analyze on how Chinese compliance rule impact on enterprise blockchain adoption, thought leadership in permissioned blockchain values and workgroup operation support, discover synergy among Chinese Hyperledger corp members. 

In open source we believe. Hyperledger is charming in its strictly anti-trust, commercial neutral, truly open, diversified and warm to new joined freshman. It is the most desired blockchain community state — other competing commuinty is discussing again and again that "Why Hyperledger is so influential and how can we catch up". 

If selected as TSC member, my proposed working items will include:

  • Voice up opinion from Chinese Community 
  • Improve project health on maintainer nomination cycle and maintainer diversity

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