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Troy Ronda

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Short personal bio

I have over 13 years of software development and product management experience advancing initiatives that leverage technologies such as decentralized identity, identity and data exchange, proximity technology, secure elements and mobile solutions. In my current role as Chief Scientist at SecureKey Technologies, I guide our open development team and lead technical strategy for our decentralized identity platform TrustBloc. I am passionate about leveraging decentralized technology and standards to solve business and trust problems. I hold a M.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Toronto. I am an active contributor in the Hyperledger and Decentralized Identity Foundation communities and serve as a member of the Hyperledger TSC, chair of the DIF TSC  and co-chair of the DIF Sidetree Working Group.

Short personal pitch

I am an active contributor to the Hyperledger community by serving as a member of the current TSC and as a maintainer for Aries Framework Go and Fabric SDK Go. It has been a pleasure serving on the TSC, and I am excited for the opportunity to continue contributing to the community. I believe my experience working on distributed ledger technology, decentralized identity, data exchange, privacy, and security are highly relevant to our community. I am interested in an agenda that promotes interoperability between DLT-backed applications, particularly in the areas of identity and data exchange.

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