If you have any questions about the election, nomination, or you think you should be eligible to vote but are not showing up in the online check tool, please email election@lists.hyperledger.org


  • Self-nominations for the TSC election will open on  


  • Send email asking for lists of contributors to all working group and task force chairs.
  • Send email to resolve duplicate email addresses to all contributors with multiple emails in our repos.
  • - The community architects will be running the eligibility scripts daily to gather the email addresses of contributors and updating the eligibility check site.
  • Publish the email template for submitting nominations and open the call for nominees.
  • Email sent to all eligible voters announcing the call for nominations. TSC will be notified via email that the announcement has gone out.
  • Email sent to all eligible voters two days prior to the close of nominations as a reminder.
  • Nominations close EOD Pacific
  • - Send nominee checklist email to nominees to 1) confirm their nomination and 2) remind them to add a nomination statement page.
  • Formally announce the slate of candidates.
  • Open the TSC election voting via Condorcet.
  • Email sent to all eligible voters to notify them that voting is now open. TSC will be notified via email that the announcement has gone out.
  • Email sent to all eligible voters to remind them to vote.
  • Email all opt-out members of our community personally to let them know the election is under way.
  • Email sent to all eligible voters two days prior to the close of voting as a reminder.
  • Close voting 11:59 PM PDT/GMT-7
  • Email sent to the TSC mailing list announcing the results of the election.
  • - Incoming TSC elects new TSC chairperson.


The Hyperledger Charter §4.a.ii defines the technical steering committee.

  • Steady State: After the Startup Period, there shall be a nomination and election period for electing Contributors or Maintainers to the TSC. The TSC voting members shall consist of fifteen (15) elected Contributors or Maintainers chosen by the Active Contributors. An Active Contributor is defined as any Contributor who has had a contribution accepted into the code base during the prior twelve (12) months. The TSC shall approve the process and timing for nominations and elections held on an annual basis.
  • Maintainers: Contributors who have the ability to commit code and contributions to a project’s main branch on an HLP project. A Contributor may become a Maintainer by a majority approval of the existing Maintainers.
  • Contributors: Anyone in the technical community that contributes code, documentation or other technical artifacts to the HLP codebase.


Q: How does one qualify to be able to vote or be nominated?

A: The Charter states "Anyone in the technical community that contributes code, documentation or other technical artifacts to the HLP codebase."

The Community Architecture team gathers this information together first by running This tool is run against "all" and "labs" to harvest from github everyone that has contributed to the code bases in the past year.   The CA's also email all of the work groups' Chairs to determine who has contributed other Documentation or technical artifacts.  There is also a form where people can petition about other technical contributions that have been made.

Q: How do I nominate myself or another person to run for a TSC seat?

A: First determine if you or the other person is eligible, see above.  If you are nominated somebody other than yourself, please contact them first and ask if they would like to be nominated. Then send an email to the election mailing list  with the subject "TSC Election Nomination" with the following message:

Dear Election Committee,
I nominate myself/<nominee's name> for the TSC election. My/their email address is <email>.

<your name>

Q: Somebody nominated me for the TSC and I do not want to do it, what can I do?

A: All nominees will be asked confirm whether they want to be considered for the election. All you have to do is either respond to that email with "no" or email the election@lists.hyperledger.org mailing list to say you do not want to be considered for the election.

Q: I think I should be eligible to vote in the Hyperledger TSC election. How do I appeal to be included?

A: Send an email to election@lists.hyperledger.org with the subject "Voter Eligibility" and the following message:

My name: <your name>

My email: <your email>

I believe I should be able to vote in the TSC election because.... <your reason for why you think you are eligible>

Q: I didn't get an email.  How do I check? 

A: You can use our online eligibility tool to check if your email is in the list of our eligible voters. You should check that email address you used at GitHub. We have had many complaints of them getting sent to spam. We are working on this but it is best if you whitelist hyperledger.org. If your email address isn't in our list but you believe it should be you can appeal by following answer to the above question and send an email.

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  1. The TSC decided that nominations should be posted to the TSC list and confirmed in case of nomination by someone else. How is that accounted for here?

    See: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=24780999
    and: https://wiki.hyperledger.org/display/TSC/TSC+Election+nominations

  2. Are Google Forms the best way to be inclusive?

    1. I think this is copy/paste from last year.

      1. What's the plan for this year then, David Huseby ?

        1. David Huseby  : Based on your comment from the TSC call, Google is not something that can be accessed from all regions in the world (e.g., China). Thus the comment about the inclusiveness. We should find another collection mechanism that is open regardless of where someone is in the world.

          1. You're right, I'm going with emails this year.

      2. Not exactly, but I just made a pass to reflect the decisions made in the last TSC call.

  3. Didn't we increase the number of TSC members starting in this election cycle ?

    1. Yes, indeed. This should read 15.

  4. I think it'd be worth suggesting that anyone who wants to nominate another person should first have the courtesy to check with them whether they will welcome that nomination. The request for confirmation should merely be that: a confirmation.

    1. good point. updated.

  5. What is the point of running the eligibility script every day? Just curious.

    1. Metrics really. I want to see how the eligibility list changes during that time period. It's largely an irrelevant detail but I pointed it out here so that people know how long it should take for their email to show up in the check tool.

  6. Have the eligibility list updates already started or will the timeline need to be adjusted because of delays in approvals?

    1. Nathan, are you talking about the approvals in case of appeal?

  7. The eligibility list updates don't start until  

  8. How/when will the list of eligible voters be notified that they can submit their nominations?

    1. My plan is to email the maintainers and the TSC as well as TSC meeting announcements every week giving updates on where we are in the election process. We can also put a banner up on the wiki and on the HL homepage as well.

      1. So there will be no separate reach out to eligible voters (other than the mechanisms specified above). Is that correct? 

        1. I hadn't planned on it. What do you want me to do?

          1. Update: Dave will be working out a notifications approach to all eligible voters. Edits to the plan coming soon.

            1. Brian Behlendorf timeline updated with email communications.

  9. David Huseby  TODO: put all of the mass email templates as sub pages of this page.