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To: <recipient email>
Subject: Hyperledger TSC Election Working Group/Task Force List of Contributors

Dear <recipient name>,

The Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee election will happen from the 26th of September to the 10th of October 2020. It is important that we include everybody that has made contributions to the Hyperledger community either through code contributions or through contributions to any of our working groups (WG) and/or task forces (TF). I am emailing you because you are either a working group chair or a task force chair and you are allowed to submit a list of contributors to your WG/TF that you think should be eligible to run for the TSC and also vote in the election.

Please send your list of contributors to your WG/TF to including their email and name so that we can add them to the list of eligible people.

Thank you,

Dave Huseby

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