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Rafik Naccache

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Rafik Naccache is a Senior IT architect from Tunisia with 20 years of experience in Software, AI, Data, and Cloud. He worked as an executive, technical leader, co-founder, and consultant with organizations in industries as diverse as the Telecoms, Oil and Gaz, Cybersecurity, Finance, and eCommerce – located in Tunisia, Morocco, Oman, France, and the US.

Currently, he is running a consultancy,  fekr technologies, and is acting as Chief Product and Technology Officer at, a major ad and marketplace platform in Tunisia (Approx 400 million requests / month), in which he is setting up innovative payment methods. As such, Rafik is particularly interested in Blockchain technologies in general - and Hyperledger in particular - to implement secure and fast payment and escrow systems to eCommerce or any platform that needs high transactions throughput.

Rafik is also a contributor to the Hyperledger Iroha Python Client Library( ), where he added sorting order to Iroha Transactions Listing. 

Short personal pitch

As an industry practitioner, I want to help craft "lighter" Hyperledger DLT technologies - designed for high Throughput systems -  like Burrow or Iroha  - to be more production-ready.

Having had a bad experience with an Iroha roll-out for, I was quite frustrated as the initial value proposition was promising: a DLT with decent response time, geared towards mortal developers (smile)

So I want to bring to the table my expertise in software architecture, data engineering, and the privileged insights that I have as a major eCommerce / marketplace operator, so we can make this dream of light DLTs for the masses happen (smile)


Rafik Naccache

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