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Nominee Name

Peter Somogyvari

Nominated By


Short personal bio

Peter Somogyvari is a Technology Architect within Accenture Products and Platforms with 10+ years of experience covering the entire software development lifecycle. Peter has been a maintainer of Hyperledger Cactus since 2019.

Short personal pitch

I'd like to nominate myself to the technical steering committee of Hyperledger where I believe I could be a good steward of the organization's technological future.

I'm a deeply technical, very hands-on kind of person who's one of the maintainers of Hyperledger Cactus and also has contributions to other Hyperledger projects such as Iroha and some related, but non-Hyperledger projects such as web3js-eea.

The development of the OSS community is something I take very seriously and have been spending considerable effort/time to grow and foster it through:

  1. Public pair programming calls that I run every single day of the work week
  2. Trying my best to foster an inclusive work environment
  3. Work with/try to support other Hyperledger projects not just the one that I am a maintainer of.
  4. Volunteered my time this summer to mentor or co-mentor 3 people.
  5. Trying to foster collaboration between Cactus and special interest groups, work groups within Hyperledger
  6. Volunteering to help the work of the HGF 2021 program committee.
  7. Spread the word at meetups, tech conferences, on social media, etc.

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