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Nominee Name

Lucas Saldanha

Nominated By

Grace Hartley

Short personal bio

Lucas Saldanha is a Lead Protocol Engineer at ConsenSys. He has been working with blockchain for the past 4 years and is a maintainer of Hyperledger Besu.

Short personal pitch

I have been deeply involved in protocol development and I have learned a lot in these past 4 years. As a maintainer of Hyperledger Besu, my focus has been on Private Transactions and Enterprise features like network and transaction Permissioning.

I am a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance Core Specification Working Group and have made significant contributions to the Enterprise Ethereum Client technical specification.

Software development is my passion, and working with cutting-edge blockchain technology is not something that I take for granted. I believe it is my responsibility to share my knowledge and help others to embark on this technology. I have been writing technical articles about Ethereum on my personal blog and have been presenting webinars talking about blockchain enterprise features.

I believe that with my experience and the help of the community, I can serve as a valuable member of the TSC. Some of my drivers are:

  • Knowledge Sharing: Foster the blockchain open-source community.
  • Inclusivity: make sure that anyone feels welcome in our community.
  • Engineering Excellence: Identify common engineering needs across our HL projects and help fulfill those needs.
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