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John Carpenter

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Short personal bio

As the Co-Founder of the Global Blockchain Summit, I have been actively involved in providing a strong forum for Hyperledger Contributors and Maintainers to promote Hyperledger projects since 2017 and have also hosted a number of Hyperledger workshops for Hyperledger members around various projects, including Fabric and Indy.

I have led the Hyperledger Meetup and Meetup Improvement Group meetings, and I am an active contributor to and current Co-Chair of the Hyperledger Learning Materials Development Working Group, contributor to the Hyperledger Marketing & Developer Relations Committee, and run the Denver Hyperledger Meetup Group.  I have hosted numerous In-Person Meetups as well as Virtual Network Meetups that highlight the work of Hyperledger projects and members, including those projects just emerging in the Hyperledger Labs such as Firefly.  

Additionally, I have worked with the Hyperledger team as a member of the Hyperledger Global Forum program committee and moderator for several Hyperledger Global Forum breakout sessions. I also moderated two panel discussions at the 2021 Hyperledger Global Forum.  Finally, I authored a blog post for Hyperledger which summarized the Hyperledger Global Forum and the great success of the virtual event for 2021.

Recently, I collaborated with Hyperledger and other Meetup organizers around launching a Hyperledger Career Fair, which brought together Hyperledger member companies with qualified job candidates via a four part employment series.  I am now looking to collaborate with other Hyperledger Meetup organizers from the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and Hyperledger LatinoAmerica to expand the reach of the Hyperledger Job Fair internationally.

I serve on the Accord Project technical working group as a contributor.  The Accord Project is a Linux Foundation open source project that is focused on the development of natural language legal smart contracts that can primarily be deployed to Hyperledger Fabric.

I lead the Hyperledger community of interest for the Government Blockchain Association, co-authored a paper for the Blockchain Research Institute (BRI) entitled “Blockchain And The Digital Transformation Of Property Insurance”, peer reviewed the IEEE enterprise blockchain training materials for content and accuracy, and currently working on a paper for the Cloud Security Alliance.

I am currently the Chief Operating Officer of PinnacleCart, and have numerous years of experience managing teams developing and deploying enterprise grade database, ecommerce and payment software solutions. 

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Short personal pitch

I would like to nominate myself to serve on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.  My years of contribution to the Hyperledger community have served to clearly demonstrate the value that a diverse and inclusive open source community can have a strong worldwide positive social impact.  Having been actively involved in contributing to and promoting a number of Working Groups, Special Interest Groups, Projects, and emerging Labs projects within the Hyperledger Landscape has provided me with an unique perspective on the individual challenges that each community faces and the best way to ensure that other groups are aware of potential opportunities for collaboration.  If elected to the Technical Steering Committee, I would strive to ensure greater collaboration occurs among all Hyperledger groups and that individual project silos are broken down as much as possible.  Something that has always resonated with me in the Hyperledger community is that “All Are Welcome”, and I want to ensure that this remains the core of the Hyperledger community philosophy going forward, as I have seen that building a diverse and inclusive worldwide community is the only way to ensure the ongoing success of Hyperledger into the future.  If elected to the Technical Steering Committee, I am committed to working collaboratively with all stakeholders and community members to ensure that Hyperledger continues to grow and thrive.

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