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Haris Javaid

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Haris Javaid is a Senior Staff Researcher at Xilinx, and is currently leading the blockchain research efforts at the Singapore office, especially performance improvement and scalability of permissioned blockchains. His broader research interests include domain specific accelerators for high performance and energy-efficient computing. Before joining Xilinx, he worked as a Senior Software Engineer at Google, USA.

He holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Engineering from the University of New South Wales, Australia, where he also worked as a Research Associate.

Short personal pitch

I would like to nominate myself - Haris Javaid - to serve on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. My involvement with Hyperledger projects to date has primarily involved exploring performance improvements for scalable deployment of blockchain systems. I believe hardware acceleration is one of the next fundamental steps in "scaling up and out" permissioned blockchain systems such as Hyperledger Fabric (technical paper and talk based on work at Xilinx).

I am now chairing the performance and scale working group (PSWG) in an effort to revamp the group, and bring community ideas for inclusion into Hyperledger projects. I am a contributor and maintainer of a Hyperledger Labs project. I have presented at many forums: Hyperledger Global Forum, Hyperledger Members Summit, Hyperledger Meetup meetings and PSWG regular meetings.

There have been many efforts on performance improvement and scalability of Hyperledger projects, but they are mostly disconnected from each other and are largely local to individual projects. As a TSC member, I would like to:
1) bring together performance and scalability efforts not only from within the Hyperledger projects but also provide a platform for ideas from the community to be included into Hyperledger projects with less friction.
2) introduce hardware acceleration to the broader community as one of the next fundamental steps in scaling blockchain systems.
3) contribute to the TSC with active involvement in decisions on performance improvements and scalability of Hyperledger projects.

If you agree with my TSC agenda, please vote for me. Thank you!

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