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Dave Enyeart

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Short personal bio

I have spent my career working on enterprise software with a focus on business process automation, B2B, and data architecture and integration. I was excited to find blockchain in 2016 since it pulled all of these disciplines together. I started contributing to Hyperledger Fabric and eventually became a Fabric maintainer and then release manager in 2017. During this time I have worked on many features that have landed in Hyperledger Fabric, often coordinating contributions and ensuring all aspects of open source delivery come together into quality releases that are both meaningful for users and maintainable by contributors. I've enjoyed being active with the Hyperledger community, from helping users on the mailing list, stackoverflow, chat, to facilitating the Fabric contributor meeting and driving open source processes such as the RFC process for new features.

Short personal pitch

Through the many Fabric releases and user and contributor interactions I have learned many lessons about distributed ledger technology and delivering quality software. But more importantly I've learned there is much more to open source than the code. Successful open source projects require a community of contributors and users who each provide value and push a project forward in different ways. It takes a lot of nurturing to ensure a community is pushing forward and not sideways though. A healthy community pushing forward is much greater than the sum of its parts. I've been a member of the Technical Steering Committee for the last year and I've seen that the same values that make for a healthy project also applies to Hyperledger as a whole. Each project and each community member provides diverse value and viewpoints that when taken together make Hyperledger a leading organization in the distributed ledger space. This too requires constant nurturing and I'd be honored to continue nurturing as a member of the Technical Steering Committee for another year.

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