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Nominee Name

Danno Ferrin

Nominated By

Grace Hartley

Short personal bio

My journey to blockchain began in 2013 when I was looking for interesting graph visualizations and started visualizing bitcoin transactions, publishing one paper at the Texas Bitcoin Conference describing several of the patterns.  My full time Blockchain work began in 2018 at ConsenSys where I worked as a Lead Protocol Engineer full time on Hyperledger Besu as one of the original Maintainers.  Currently I work at Hedera as a Principal Engineer working on improving the EVM capabilities of the Hedara Hashgraph platform.

Short personal pitch

Five years Hyplerledger ago set as its mission to create enterprise DLTs and an ecosystem surrounding and supporting those projects. With a stable of 5 graduated DLT projects Hyperledger has delivered on the first goal, and so now the task is to support and grow the ecosystem surrounding those projects. To grow this ecosystem Hyperledger needs to grow "up the stack" into developer tooling, libraries, and frameworks that use the DLTs as a foundation. The one graduated project that is not a DLT, the Aries project, is a good example of the kinds of projects that will help feed this ecosystem and help it grow.

In the past year on the TSC committee I have worked to provide clarity for projects that are overseen by the committee to allow them to grow stronger together. I created a narrative description of the common repository structure that was adopted when it became evident a single tool could not fit the need.  When there were concerns about the standards being applied to projects seeking to enter incubation I seeded the majority of the initial discussion points to ensure that the issue had sufficient momentum. In these actions I ensured that projects had clarity from the TSC regarding specific expectations, instead of constantly shifting goalposts.

If elected to another term as a TSC member I will continue to work to provide clarity to incubating, graduated, and labs projects. I will also work to provide whatever support is needed to admit projects that enrich the Hyperledger ecosystems, particularly projects in the developer tools, libraries, and frameworks areas.

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