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Chris Gabriel

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Short personal bio

Chris Gabriel is the founder of Hyperchain Labs, co-founder of Global Carbon ESG, and a core documentation maintainer and technical contributor to the Hyperledger project.  He has been contributing to the Hyperledger project since late 2017 and was nominated to be a core documentation maintainer in 2020.  Hyperchain Labs builds permissioned blockchain networks on Hyperledger Fabric with integrated IoT, and supports interoperability to promote wider adoption of blockchain technologies by enterprise and government.  Global Carbon ESG builds circular carbon economy blockchains on Hyperledger Fabric for the transparent and verifiable accounting of carbon emissions and credits.



github: @denali49

Short personal pitch

I would like to bring the perspective of new users, developers, entrepreneurs, and potential enterprise adopters to the TSC so as to provide input on technical direction that will accelerate the adoption of Hyperledger Project technologies and blockchain technologies in general by enterprises and governments.  

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