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Barbara (Bobbi) Muscara

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Short Personal Bio

Barbara (Bobbi) Muscara is the founder of Ledger Academy and Chair of the Hyperledger Learning Materials and Development Working Group. Ledger Academy is a Blockchain Education Company that supplies custom Learning Materials to clients interested in Blockchain Education programs, recent works include the Linux Foundation LFS170x, Blockchain: Understanding Its Uses and Implications. Ledger Academy sponsors three Blockchain Meetup Groups with a combined membership of over 1800, including the Hyperledger Princeton Meetup group. Ledger Academy also sponsors startups in the blockchain space.  A few of the most noteworthy include BCEMPLOY, The Giving Chain, Ledger Consulting, and GoNFTYou.

A current active participant in the Hyperledger community since 2018, Bobbi is currently on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. She is starting her third year as Chair of the Learning Materials Working Group and is an active contributor to the Public Sector, Social Impact, Climate Action Special Interest Groups.  Bobbi has been a presenter at the Hyperledger Global Forum in both 2020 and in 2021.  The work Bobbi has done for the Social Impact Special Interest Group led her to develop a Blockchain for Social Impact curriculum that directs the learner in the process of building a blockchain project to benefit local communities. The Giving Chain project is the result of this effort. 

The Giving Chain project is a Linux Foundation 2021 Sponsored Mentorship Program, a blockchain initiative to create an accessible, decentralized charity giving blockchain platform and the (D2R) donor to recipient web-based application. In 2019 The Giving Chain successfully collected and distributed 100 plus "Giving Bags" of food to local food insecure individuals and area food banks, the project won recognition from The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) 2020 award program. The Giving Chain is a sponsored Linux Foundation Mentorship project for  2021 and Bobbi is its Mentor. The Giving Chain's current projects are Project Princeton, Project Uttarakhand, and Project India Women. The first two will gather excess farm produce in India and NJ and redistribute it to Foodbanks and Flood victims of India. Project Women India is creating distribution channels for hygiene products to be delivered to Rural parts of India.

Short Personal Pitch

I would like to nominate myself to serve on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee.  Through my time on the Technical Steering committee the following TSC objectives have become clear:

First is the determination to break the silos and bridge the communication gaps between Projects, Working Groups, and Special Interest Groups. Hyperledger mentorship opportunities have demonstrated this can be achieved. Currently, a group from the Learning Materials Working Group is managing the Giving Chain project, which was born out of the Social Impact Special Interest Group and the Hyperledger Meetup Groups,  we are building a blockchain platform for Charitable giving using a Firefly Solution. The Climate Action SIG also has created innovative projects. I believe the TSC can further support these endeavors by creating a fully-funded incubation space for new projects to assist with resources to help them grow into active businesses.

The second direction I see the TSC taking in 2022 stems from the work I was a part of with the Whitepaper / Greenhouse Task Force set up to clarify the Hyperledger mission and build the community. The task force realigned the graphical representation of the Hyperledger community to be interactive and revised the Hyperledger Charter to reflect the inclusiveness of this dynamic community. The Learning Materials Working group is dedicated to educating newcomers as to the vast Hyperledger landscape and resources available. During our bi-weekly calls, we take time to explain the particular ins and outs of the community to make contributing easy.

Upon being re-elected to the Technical Steering Committee, I will humbly make it my mission to encourage community growth as well as foster communication channels for cross-collaboration among community projects.  Thank you.

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