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Bellaj Badr

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Short personal bio

I am Bellaj Badr, CTO at Mchain, with over 10 years of experience in the design and development of distributed systems. Holding an MSc from the INPT - Moroccan Institute of Technology. As someone who loves learning, I’ve started a PHD 2 years ago at The Polytechnic Institute of Paris. My research interests lie within distributed trust protocols.

My blockchain journey began in 2012 when I was looking for a good implementation of ECDSA in c++. My full-time Blockchain work began in 2015 at Mchain and since then I am assisting many companies and organisms (Central banks, Ports, Banks, etc.) in Africa to adopt Blockchain and I’ve been involved in multiple large-scale projects leveraging Hyperledger Fabric. Besides, I’ve been contributing to many Blockchain open-source projects.

As a philanthropist who strongly believes in knowledge sharing, I have organized a couple of events and meetups since 2015 to promote the technology within my country (Morocco) and my continent Africa. In 2017, I wrote a book entitled “Blockchain by Example”, which introduces Hyperledger Fabric among other blockchain technologies, to help developers overcoming the steepest learning curve.

Short personal pitch

Dear members of the Hyperledger Community,

I believe in diversity, and I think you do too. Therefore having a technical voice from Africa is an added value to the TSC.

As the CTO for Blockchain at Mchain, I get to work directly with many African customers and prospects on their blockchain journeys, learning about their special requirements along the way and joining the TSC will help me to bring up their voice.

I'm very active on Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange and I enjoy helping people use and learn Hyperledger technologies. I have helped to promote Ethereum Stack Exchange from Area 51 and became one of its administrators and I plan to do the same for Hyperledger. 

Besides, I have a strong background in multiple software domains which should prove useful to the TSC, including my significant experience in software security, formal verification, as well as my expertise in Ethereum and Bitcoin.

I'm very passioned about Blockchain and by nominating myself to join the TSC, I would like to:

  • Build a dedicated Stack Exchange for Hyperledger projects.
  • Expand my contribution to the Hyperledger eco-system by serving Technical Steering Committee.
  • Ensure that Hyperledger Fabric continues to drive enterprise adoption of Blockchain.
  • Serve as an evangelist to promote the use of Hyperledger Fabric.

If elected to the TSC I would initiate and support proposals that accomplish these goals.

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