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Nomination Statement Template

Nominee Name

Artem Barger

Nominated By


Short personal bio

Currently founded IdeaDLT company working as a private consultant in blockchain, assisting startups and middle-sized companies in starting with blockchain, particularly focusing on Hyperledger Fabric. In the past used to works as the manager of Blockchain Platforms Research group in Haifa Research Lab, with over 10 years of experience in the design and development of distributed systems. Holding a BSc from the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. MSc from Haifa University with thesis research focused on Machine Learning clustering algorithms, Big Data processing, and mining in distributed and streaming models.

Since early 2018, become one of the Hyperledger Fabric maintainers, leading the design and development of scalable replication of distributed ledgers for Hyperledger Fabric - the permissioned enterprise-grade blockchain platform. Contributing to the design and maintenance of the project was an active part of Private Data Collections design and the implementation, the reconciliation of private data, refactoring of event hub into event delivery service, and many others. Additionally, focusing on permissioned Blockchain research areas, actively serving as Technical Programm Committee for many leading blockchain-related conferences.

Artem Barger is one of the architects and core developers of Hyperledger Fabric (, very passionate about blockchain technology and, in particular, proud to be part of the Hyperledger community.

Short personal pitch

I want to nominate myself - Artem Barger - to serve on the Hyperledger Technical Steering Committee. Since 2016 I've focused on blockchain-related research areas, starting my journey by participating in the design and development of Hyperledger Fabric v1.0. The primary area of interest was scalable middleware for blocks replication and dissemination. Eventually have been promoted and honoured to become part of the Hyperledger Fabric maintainers family, since then actively participating in technical meetings and reviewing code.

During the last 3.5 years, I've been actively contributing and supporting the community in many ways, from meetups participating to providing lectures in universities. Providing answers and helping developers to overcome the steepest learning curve and answer on Stackoverflow, where I'm still leading the top 10 list of most active users to provide answers: hyperledger-fabric and hyperledger, helping users to establish a decent knowledge base in Hyperledger projects.

I'm  promoting Hyperledger projects within Russian speaking community, organizing conferences, and recording video tutorials:

  1. PG Day'17 Russia. Hyperledger — the architecture of the permissioned ledger. Artem Barger (IBM)
  2. PG Day'17 Russia. Hyperledger: hands-on session. Artem Barger (IBM)
  3. TokenConf'18 - Hyperledger - the architecture of the permissioned ledger / Artem Barger (IBM)

Due to my contribution to the Russian Blockchain and Hyperledger community, I was nominated for a prestigious Highload Award two years in a row in 2018 and 2019. In 2019 assisted in the organization of the Moscow Hyperledger Bootcamp and provided a series of lectures and tutorials. Providing support and mentorship in Hyperledger related Russian telegram channels: Hyperledger Russia and Hypereldger Fabric Russia. Moreover, during recent years, I have mentored and provided help for the Fabric Explorer project to get accepted into Hyperledger Labs, become part of a larger eco-system, and serve as a steward for Carbon Emission projects (

Organized and presented in a series of Community Meetups:

  1. Meetup Sberbank and IBM on HyperLedger Fabric
  2. Blockchain: hack the hype
  3. Blockchain: hack the hype II

Other past two years teaching courses at the MIPT Blockchain Master's program (

  1. Introduction to the Hyperledger Fabric first-year course
  2. Advanced topic in Hyperledger Fabric second-year course

MIPT Blockchain Master’s Program

Looking to:

  1. Expand my contribution to the Hyperledger eco-system by serving Technical Steering Committee
  2. Bringing my experience and skills to continue to build powerful technology embracing blockchain technology
  3. Communicate and bring  contribution from the Russian community, communicating ideas, thoughts, and opinions

I'm really passioned and thrilled by Blockchain technology and truly believe together we can make Hyperledger even stronger, looking forward.

Thanks for the consideration,

                                              Artem Barger.

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